Friday, August 3, 2012

Hello all! The past few weeks have been going by so fast! I seriously cannot believe its already august. I hate august because its hott and yucky and august means school is almost here. I dont want school to be here at all, but school keeps me occupied and i'd rather be doing something with my life rather than sleeping in everyday till 2 and sitting on tumblr/watching netflix all day long (not that that's a bad thing, but it gets old eventually!). Lately all i've been doing is making mix-tapes, eating cherries, drinking sun-tea, and avoiding the dreadful texas heat. This summer has been sufficiently awkward/boring/gloomy like always, but its not too much of a disappointment because every summer is like that. I think everybody always expects their summer to be this wonderful part of their life and for them to accomplish all of these things and 75% of the time none of it ever happens. I've gotten used to it, and I think i'm through with the unrealistic expectations and i'm just going to take the time off to catch up on sleep and alone time. One thing i have realized this summer is that strawberry churros from del taco are really really good. Okay, i suck at writing and stuff so this has been a shitty first update for you guys. Now here is some mix-tapes i have recently made and some of my outfits from polyvore. xoxo♡♡♡♡

round and round

where'd all the time go?