Friday, November 2, 2012


This Halloween I was supposed to be "molten lead/silver", I know it's lame and half-assed but I didnt have any money to go buy anything so I just made something out of my wardrobe! It originally came from me having grey hair (which is now awkwardly brownish grey, ew), and i've owned this fantastic metallic dress for a few months and i'm pretty sure that this is the only time i've worn it where people didn't think i was bizarre. So i put it to good use along with my fancy sparkly boots and a spiky headband, which I just thought looked good with it... but I guess you could say it would represent the badass 'molten' side to my costume...? I got this black lipstick a few weeks back from Black Lipstick Portland Company so I could start wearing lipstick again and i've fallen in love with it. Planning on covering this blue jean jacket with patches cause my vest is almost all the way full, pretty stoked about it cause I always find the coolest patches! I actually just ordered this patch last week so hopefully it'll come soon so i can show it off to y'all. So anyways, this Halloween I drove around with my friends, visited my favorite place/cemetery, and played video games. Pretty fun, except I didn't get candy which is a major bummer, what's Halloween without candy? :( 
Hope all of you had a great and especially spooky Halloween, happy November! xo

(dress- romwe, headband- uo, earrings- etsy, jacket- goodwill, patch- etsy, shoes- uo, tights- target)


Jessica Elizabeth Anne said...

AHHHH! Have mercy you babe I luv this

brie said...

your outfit is flawless! i think it's a really clever costume idea- you can't go wrong with a silver dress. ever!!!

Jonas Van der Haegen said...

Hi, I love your blog!

sarah said...

Thank you! :)

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