Thursday, November 8, 2012

another outfit post

Its slowly but surely getting colder outside, the weather has been perfect the past 2 weeks! I'm quite pleased about that because I get to start wearing cute hats and coats again. Also, i apologize for always taking pictures here but there is literally nowhere else to take them unless you have the gas to drive really far away. So just try to ignore the offensive graffiti in the back and also the fact that I'm somehow always wearing these shoes when I take pictures for you guys...woops. I have other shoes I promise! 

(dress- c/o oasap, tights- gap, jacket- estate sale, hat- american apparel, shoes- uo, earrings- etsy, obama pin- 7eleven) 

Oh, and YAY Obama 2012! YAY amazing women in senate! YAY no evil Romney!  :o)


Bubbline said...

I like the location you take the photos in. The graffiti makes it interesting as oppose to something bland :3

sarah said...

Indeed! It just gets kinda annoying when I love a picture of myself and then realize there's a swastika in the background and/or a dick :(

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