Thursday, February 7, 2013

love is in the air! (so are bats)

Hey y'all! Its February, and that mean's candy and hearts and gifts and lots of kissing. Love is in the air! hehe. Me and Garrett's 2 and a half year anniversary is actually on valentines day so that makes it extra special. Although we've never actually celebrated it, hopefully this years valentines day will actually be valentines day. (All i really care about is candy doe). Oasap just sent me these wine red thigh highs and this literally PERFECT bat sweater which makes my life cause its cozy and has 'me' written all over it. This skirt was actually a gift from my mom that she got at a garage sale for 1 dollar and it's recently become one of my favorite things to wear. I'm really into dark colors lately! So yeah, nothing crazy goin on in my life lately except for me having less than 3 classes left of high school and im graduating within the next month or 2. PUMPED. I'm also buying an Ipad Mini with my graduation money- boo ya, technology.
Have a good weekend! 

 (sweater- c/o oasap, skirt- garage sale, head band- uo, thigh highs- c/o oasap, boots- antique mini-mall)

more valentine vibes


brie said...

omg the yolo picture i love you. can't believe the skirt was 1 dollar ahh it's so pretty. AND CONGRATS ON THE 2 YEARS TOGETHER!!

sarah said...

YAY thank u bb!! I sent y'all's package today btw <3

Gabi said...

LOVE this outfit!

I saw that sweater in topshop for like a billion dollars, I might have to get it now.



sarah said...

Yesss! Oasap's price on it is a lot cheaper.

& Thank you!

Emily said...

Like the skirt! And woah 2 and a half years, congrats to you both :)

Lottie Juliet said...

Such a perfect outfit, you look so comfortable and happy in it!
I'm so psyched for valentines day, it will be my 4th with my boyfriend.

sarah said...

thanks love!

sarah said...

thank you dear! and congratulations! i hope you have a good one ♥

Debbie S said...

this outfit is so perfect, i can't even. the skirt reminds me of a cuter version of the skirt we had to wear as a uniform in high school and the sweater is literally to die for. this reminded me to add thigh highs to my shopping list also. so thank you for the perfection <3
xx Debbie


sarah said...

thanks a lot! <3

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