Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Halloween 2013

Hey guys! My Halloween post is a little late, but it's my favorite day of the year and a huge impact on my personal style so there's really no choice but to make one anyways. I dressed up in 4 different costumes this year: Rosie the Riveter, an alien, a skeleton, and body parts(s). I didn't do much on Halloween except drink a smoothie, and get a huge migraine. Sorta sucked. So overall, even though my October 31st didn't meet my expectations, I still thoroughly enjoyed my favorite time of the year and every Halloween vibe that ever crossed my path. Here are some festive pictures from these past few weeks, I hope you enjoy them. I'll try to post more but I recently got hired at a doggie day care place so with that and school i'm pretty busy. Regardless, i'll try my hardest for u bbs!

My makeup and hair were both done by Jasmine Dunmire, a good grrrl friend of mine. Check out her blog here.

(tights- ebay, shirt- record store)

(Shirt, tights, & skirt are all c/o Oasap)


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