Saturday, January 17, 2015

hello again

Happy to share a lot of great photos my boyfriend took of me yesterday with you all. I'm not really wearing anything super special, but i think its a great outfit and it felt good to finally shoot in a different setting and the weather actually work with me for once. 
Hope you enjoy them!

 (jacket- goodwill, patch- etsy, shoes- dr. martens, socks- asos, skirt- c/o oasap, shirt- aa, necklace- dollar general)


Anonymous said...

great pictures! i love your simple outfit :)

Chloe said...

i love the colours in the background and your outfit is a look i would go for :)

Emma said...

I love your hair and your piercings and your style and gaaah you're so beautiful! I also like that you got your jacket from goodwill... I really need to go thrift shopping.

Jacky said...

looking absolutely perfect! I'm in love with your style! x

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